The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Andrew Hall

Nominated by Derek Juno
February 17, 2014
One of the many reasons why Andrew Hall is awesome, is because he is the brains, positivity, and passion behind the new social enterprise Mealshare! Andrew quit his full time consulting career at Deloitte to start a non-profit that has the ability to change the world and improve and save thousands of lives! 

Mealshare is a very simple buy one, give one hunger relief program for restaurants. We provide meals to people in need by partnering with restaurants and putting our Mealshare logo next to a few of a restaurant’s menu items. Everytime a customer orders one of these Mealshare-branded menu items, a meal will be provided to someone in need. It’s simple - Buy one, give one. The customer pays no extra cost, and can enjoy knowing that they provided a whole other meal for someone in need, just by eating a delicious meal at a restaurant.

Andrew is not only an amazing social entrepreneur but he is also extremely generous with his personal time. He often volunteers by speaking at universities to students, serving meals at Mealshare partner charities, and taking care of his younger brother David who has down syndrome. Andrew, is David's hero and best friend. Andrew consistently finds extremely creative and thoughtful ways to make David's days special. Andrew also works hard to find weekends where he can take care of David so that they can spend time together.

Andrew is an amazing athlete, that is remarkably good at every sport he plays. He is a fierce friend and is the first to drop everything for a friend even when he isn't called upon!

Andrew is an extremely inspiring individual and I am VERY privileged to know him. I cannot think of anyone more AWESOME than Andrew Hall. Thank you so much!