The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Carrie Brickhouse

Nominated by Cecilia Horvick
July 30, 2015
Carrie is a fantastic friend, generous, patient, caring, and loving. She's studying to be an art teacher and during the summer can be found using her patience and art skills to teach children in day camps and encourage their interest in art. She's the Vice President of Service for her sorority, which involves planning and executing all service events, such as a musical petting zoo to get young kids interested in music. She is constantly thinking of others, from planning surprise trips on birthdays to creating unique and beautiful pieces of art for her friends. She makes life better for people just by being around them. She is kind to all, makes people's days brighter by just being herself, always has a kind or encouraging word for people, and almost always knows how to help people feel better. Just walking through campus with her and seeing how many people she will stop to talk with and see how they are doing proves her impact upon our student body. She truly cares about people and she inspires people to be and do better just by being their friend. The picture I'm enclosing is of her and I on a surprise trip she planned for my birthday, which is just one of many examples of her incomparable love for her friends and how she strives to make events special and memorable.