The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Elizabeth Costarakis

Nominated by Kellen Costarakis
May 16, 2018
Dear nomination committee of The Awesome Awards, I think my mom, Elizabeth Costarakis, should get an Awesome Award for many reasons. Reason 1 My mom helped plan and build the MMPC community garden and running it for more than a year before retiring for medical reasons. My mom helped keep people from cutting tree roots (which they are going to do now). My mom also donated lots of pencils and paper to my classroom. Reason 2 My mom helps lots of people and pets. My mom will help an old dog in need of love. My mom once helped a friend by taking a cat that came in a package deal and the 2nd cat was not wanted. My mom also took in an stray cat who was found in a wood pile, he was mean but she helped him. My mom took a giant 125 pound puppy from the pound. My mom saves lots of insects. Reason 3 My mom wants the world to be a better place. My mom wants only peace throughout the whole world if it is possible. My mom wants only specific people to have specific guns and other weapons for only some reasons. My mom wants only the best of life. For these reasons, please pick my mom!