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Joyce Obaseki

Nominated by Janet Smith
February 11, 2018
I am the Office Manager here at Grant A Smile and would like to nominate our Founder – Joyce Obaseki for the most inspirational woman award 2018. Since I was born I have never seen a woman who is as giving and inspiring as Joyce. If you are looking for a real hero who is truly touching and uplifting real lives - this is the woman to look for.

Joyce is originally from Nigeria and since moving to the UK 18 years ago, she has done nothing but inspire, impact and empower both children and adult in her community. Joyce started her career as a supply teacher in 2000 and quickly moved on to the role of Head of English and Media Department. Due to her dedication and commitment, she was given a whole school responsibility as a Teacher Coach where she mentored and coached teachers to be better in their roles.

In April 2016, Joyce resigned and decided she needed to walk in her purpose by setting up a non-profit organisation known as Grant A Smile. Hence then, she has inspired many children and families and still going. If there is any woman who is passionate and selfless with humanitarian work, it is Joyce. She will not rest until she sees every family referred to us smiling.

Now, why did she give up a career is loved and was striving in to set up a non –profit organisation?
5 years ago a bedraggled boy walked into Joyce’s classroom crying because he had been bullied again for wearing a dirty uniform to school. She decided to dig deeper and asked why his uniform was always dirty and what he told her next broke her heart. He told her that his mum was currently too ill to wash his clothes. His mum had a chronic illness - cancer and was struggling daily to cope and although she had asked him to wash his clothes he had forgotten to put them in the wash himself.

Joyce realised that this child was not at risk but in need. She tried to find an outside organisation that could help but there was none. After this event, Joyce vowed to make sure that she would do whatever she could to make sure that children like Steven have the practical support they need at home. This was the inspiration behind the launch of Grant a Smile.

1 in 4 children in the UK are suffering a similar fate to Steven and have a parent battling a life-limiting and mental health condition.

Grant a Smile is the UK's first and only intervention support service outside the hospitals seeking to fill in the gap in the provision of support for children whose parent(s) are battling chronic and life-threatening medical conditions.

Joyce saw first-hand how the lives of children and their families were affected when a parent was ill. Their ‘normal’ childhood experiences of school, play, and extra-curricular activities drastically changed because they had to support their parents at home.

What do we do?

We are the only social enterprise in the UK set to put a smile on the faces of parents fighting chronic medical conditions by giving them the gift of a clean home thereby taking away the worry and work of cleaning their homes– free of charge. We clean, declutter, help with ironing, gardening and taking the kids out. We help ease the stress, give hope and grant smiles to these disadvantaged families crying out for help.

We also go above and beyond to grant very special wishes to these young children whose smiles are drowned in their parents/carers plight. We also organise life/social skills workshops to educate, promote positive mindsets and build confidence in the children and young people that we serve.

We are that intervention support outside of the hospital that is not available to families.

The families we support are faced with the huge challenges of parenting whilst battling to stay alive to live to fight another day. What they really need to strive, get better, be better parents is practical support and that is what we do at Grant A Smile.

Our Facebook reviews and testimonials on our website show that this is a God –sent mission – a humanitarian act like no other and she needs to be appreciated and recognised for this initiative and touching the lives she touches daily.

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