The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Thom Andrews

Nominated by Toby Barazzuol
November 04, 2014
I would like to nominate Thom Andrews for an Awesome Award.
I've gotten to know Thom over the past few years through mutual friends at Granville Island, and over that time I've come to see and admire the quality of his character and spirit.

First off, Thom is a pretty amazing father and that's something I really admire and respect. He clearly loves his daughter Zoe and does whatever possible to spend time with her and to make that time special. Being a great dad can be hard work, so my hat's off to Thom!

Thom also has the heart and mind of a poet and a great way with words. His spirit is soaring, and his words reflect that in charming, inspiring and unexpected ways. Sprinkle in a great sense of humour, and you can start to get a picture of this wonderful man.

I should add that Thom has MS, an autoimmune condition that has presented some big challenges recently. The kinds of challenges that might crush most people. Yet through the adversity, Thom's upbeat and positive attitude shines ever brighter. Thom always has a friendly smile or a funny insight to share and he's not one to complain. He works side by side with his love Sherazad and together they share joy, romance and the resilient of facing life together. These are the important riches of life.

Thom's amazing attitude and noble spirit inspire me to be a better man, and for that, I think he is awesome!