The Awesome Awards - Share Your Experience
Presented To:
J. Stewart
Presented By: Peter Wrinch, Pivot Legal
Walnut Award
June 19, 2013
Van City, Canada
As someone who much prefers to be behind the scenes, this put me waaaaaaaay outside my comfort zone as receiving my Awesome Award came as a complete surprise when it was presented to me. Shyness and red face aside, it was a wonderfully thoughtful gesture and it humbled me greatly. Receiving this acknowledgement is something I will always remember fondly and I am so proud to share it with my friends and colleagues at Pivot Legal Society and UGM. I am very grateful to Teena, Nelson and Toby and all the wonderful people at Eclipse Awards for bestowing this honour upon me and I thank everyone who has ever given me a chance to participate in this community I love; the Downtown Eastside. Let's keep fightin' the good fight. I love y'all.