The Awesome Awards - Frequently Asked Questions

flippin' awesome questions

What exactly are the Awesome Awards?
To commemorate our 15th anniversary at Eclipse Awards, we're giving back to the world by unveiling the Awesome Awards, the world's first living recognition program! The only way to win an Awesome Award is by being awesome, so on May 30th we will honour 15 awesome humans. They will then grow the program by selecting another awesome person from their community and bestowing the award upon them, and so on, and so on.

Now that I’ve been given an award, what am I supposed to do?
There is only one way to receive an Awesome Award, and that’s by being awesome! So once you’ve received your award you should take a few days to enjoy it and savour the feeling of being recognized. As you’re enjoying your award, take some time to think of who you would like to pass it on to next. “Paying it Forward” is just as important as receiving your award, so try to make it special. Visit for ideas and instructions on what to do after you’ve been given an Awesome Award.

Why doesn’t the award have my name on it?
None of the Awesome Awards have been personalized for any of the recipients because each award will recognize dozens of people over its journey.

How do I track my award?
You can log the experiences of both receiving and presenting your award at Each time, you will be asked for the unique name of your award which is located on the back of the award at the bottom.

Can I keep the award for myself indefinitely?
Though you will always be awesome, the award is only yours to covet for a couple of weeks, but not own. Within 2 weeks the award should be passed on to the next recipient to continue its awesome journey.

How do I know that the award I won is being tracked?
Each award has unique name with its own path for you to follow. At you can track the path of your own award or all of the other Awesome Awards in circulation.

Can I use a Sharpie and write the name of recipient on the award?
No, defacing your award in any way is the opposite of awesome! You should present it in the same condition you received it in so that the next person can appreciate the award in the same way that you did.

How do I find people to present the award to?
Look within the communities you belong to: your circle of friends, your co-workers, your social club or association, your gardening circle or community centre, your neighbourhood businesses - anywhere there are ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Think of people who inspire you to see the world in a different light, or people who work quietly and selflessly to better the lives of others. Need more ideas? Check out some of the nominations and past winners of the Awesome Awards?

How are additional Awesome Awards introduced?
Additional Awesome Awards can only be introduced in one of three ways:
1. by the administrators of the Awesome Awards
2. by open nominations at selected times of the year. Join the Awesome Newsletter to stay on top of nomination opportunities.
3. by donation. Individuals or organizations can support the celebration of awesome by donating an Awesome Award. Donors can name their award and then present it to someone awesome in their community. The journey of these awards will then be tracked throughout their lifetime on the Spotlight On Awesome page.
How do I receive an Awesome Award?
There are only 2 ways to win an Awesome Award. The first is to be nominated and then selected as a recipient. The second way to receive an Awesome Award is to have one presented to you by a previous winner.

What are the awards made of?
Each Awesome Award is handcrafted from a section of a salvaged windfallen Maple tree. Each award is carefully aged and finished to retain the natural bark edge and organic beauty of the wood.

How many Awesome Awards are out there?
To begin with in May 2013, 20 Awesome Awards will be presented and released into various communities. More will follow in the future. Join our newsletter to learn about nomination opportunities in the future.

Does the person I want to give the award to need to have certain qualifications?
The only qualification required is that the person should be awesome in some way. Maybe they have an awesome attitude, or an awesome imagination. Maybe they are an awesome volunteer, or gardener, or assistant, or CEO, or cook - it doesn’t matter what they do, as long as they approach it in a way that is somehow awesome! What is awesome? That, dear friend, is totally up to you.

Can I have the name of a recipient engraved on the award?
No, each award has been intentionally left blank so that it can be presented and received by anyone along its journey. However, if you’d like to own a copy of your Awesome Award you can order a personalized version with a message of your choice. Click here to order your personalized Awesome Award.

Can I ship the award away to someone awesome in another city?
Absolutely, the more interesting the place the better. There are awesome people everywhere that should be celebrated and appreciated!

What happens if I don’t have anyone to present the award to?
Impossible! We all know people who are doing what they can to make their communities better - surely one of them could use a boost! If you truly can’t think of anyone, then you could give your award to someone who does have a recipient in mind - just be sure to let them know how the story of the Awesome Award and how the program works. Whatever you choose, just be sure to keep the award moving!

What do I get for passing on my Awesome Award?
When you bestow your award onto the next person, you are contributing to the story of the Awesome Awards and their amazing journeys. Be sure to log your experience and step into history!

How do I receive an Awesome Award?
There are only 2 ways to win an Awesome Award. The first is to be nominated and then selected as a recipient. The second way to receive an Awesome Award is to have one presented to you by a previous winner.

Can I purchase an Awesome Award?
Yes you can by emailing us on the Contacts page. Please note purchased and personalized awards will not be entered into the Awesome Awards Program. Only awards sanctioned by Eclipse Awards will be integrated.