what to do once you've won!

You have been recognized with an Awesome Award because someone in your community thinks you’re that awesome! Savor this time and enjoy how it feels to be appreciated - it’s like a big hug from your tribe! By following the 3 steps below you will become a permanent part in the Legend of Awesome.

Your Awesome Award is on a perpetual journey to recognize amazing people wherever they may be, so your time together is limited. Take some photos or a video of yourself with your award, show it to your friends and family, place it on your desk or kitchen, then when you’re ready, your mission awaits:


Select the next Awesome Award winner

As an Awesome Award winner, you now have the honour and duty of selecting the next Awesome Award winner. Think of someone that you would like to see recognized and celebrated, someone you admire and respect, who quietly goes about making the world a better place for all of us. If you need help, there are lots of Awesome Awards nominees who will inspire you. You have a once in a lifetime opportunity to make someone feel truly special, so choose wisely, then start planning your presentation.


Present your award and pay it forward

Now think about how you’re going to present them with your award. Think back to how you felt upon being recognized and try to create the same feelings. When recognizing someone, express the specific things you appreciate about them and why they matter to you. Thoughtful and personalized comments add weight and meaning to your recognition. Also consider where you’ll present your award. Perhaps it will be a surprise, or maybe you plan a larger public event or piggyback on another event. Maybe you prefer a smaller and more intimate setting. The important thing is, make it awesome, so that the recipient feels truly appreciated. Be sure to take some pictures or ask someone to help record the event because special moments can feel like they pass quickly. Click here for some Awesome Recognition and Presentation Tips.


Quick, share the story of passing on your award!

Click here to share your story while you still feel the glow from your ceremony. Tell us who you presented your award to and why you chose them as the next Awesome Award guardian. This is your chance to let the world know why you think this person is awesome and worthy! Your message will become a unique and lasting tribute that can be shared with others, and it will also help track the next stage of the Awesome Award’s journey.

Congratulations, your mission is complete!

You are now Certified Awesome and a part of the Legend of Awesome! Thank you for playing and helping to recognize someone awesome in your community! You are now part of a small but growing community of certified awesome people doing awesome things. We hope that you’ll stay in touch and continue to share your good stories so that we can share them with the world! If you’re up for it, nominate some new people for Awesome Awards - you might just change their lives!