The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Anica Simic

Nominated by Annie Tuschek
June 24, 2013
My grandmother Anica Simic, known as Baba, is turning 100 on July 26, 2013 and I would like to nominate her for being such an awesome grandmother. She has endured much such as during the war and had travelled from former Yugoslavia (Croatia) to Egypt- Elshat ,on the Suez Canal and lived in the Red Cross refuge camps with some of her children, some forced to be left behind and one of them being born in Egypt. She was always very savvy and creative as life has taught her and being an excellent seamstress was known in the camp for taking scraps of fabric and creating clothing for people in the camp and repairing tents. After the war she returned back to her homeland and reunited with all her children and found herself starting all over again and rebuilding. After losing her husband to an lengthy illness she emigrated to Canada. She worked hard and continued much after retirement. She has many grandchildren and great grandchildren and we feel she is worthy of this nomination as our Awesome Baba Anica (grandmother) .