The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Zoe Oreck

Nominated by Mira Oreck
July 02, 2013
Anyone who knows Zoe Oreck would describe her as awesome. At 88.5 years old, she inspires daily. To honour her and all of those who love her and would want to see her honoured, my family (four generations of us) created a list of why we think our mother, grandmother, aunt, great aunt, and great-great aunt is among the most awesome people in the world.

1. She always makes you feel good about yourself!
2. She keeps her dresses/gowns from 50 years ago and lets us wear them (and they are awesome)
3. She admits that marriage is hard and tells you wonderful stories about her late husband
4. She always shows up - to the occasion, in the moment, and when you need her
5. She still makes brisket
6. She loves food! Anywhere. Anytime!
7. She recently invented "pre-eating"
8. She has friends of all ages, races, religions and sexual orientation
9. She is 88 1/2 and knows all current events, latest books and movies, and sends articles in the mail that are relevant to our interests
10. She signed us up for paddle boarding long before it was the"it" thing
11. She can predict the exact time without looking at her watch
12. She did the night feedings for her grandchildren when they were newborns
13. Her moral compass is phenomenal and guides many of us through troubled waters.
14. She supports us emotionally and physically
15. She will go out of her way to find the perfect grad dress/sunglasses/shoes/wedding official/caterer and go to whatever lengths it takes to get the item or the information to the correct person
16. She has pen pals (actual letter writing pen pal, not emails) all around North America that she has kept in touch with for over 50 years
17. Once you are her friend or a friend of her friends you are her friend for life
18. She will punch your teeth in if you hurt her kids/grandkids/nieces/nephews
19. Instrumental in formation of Vancouver’s civic political party of 1970’s
20. Developed program to test hearing of preschoolers in Vancouver in 79’s
21. After much hesitation learned how to use a computer and now is pretty computer savvy
22. Totally non-judgemental
23. Outstanding public speaker
24. Still has zest to travel and plans trips for next year
25. Was on the board of directors who supervised the building of the Jewish Community Centre in the 1960’s and still does aquasize classes there in 2013
26. Refused to learn bridge for the first 88 years of her life & now plans her life around the bridge lessons she is taking
27. She will spoil you- anytime, anywhere
28. Lives life to the fullest at 88 years old
29. She encourages everyone to pursue their dreams - whatever they may be
30. She will "google it"
31. She's accepting of ALL PEOPLE
32. She is so with it
33. She brings out the best in people
34. She knows all the in styles and hot spots
35. She is real. You can talk to her about anything
36. Had her father-in-law living with her young family for 16 years
37. Never misses a new restaurant, movie, or speaker that interests her
38. Once you are her friend she will be yours forever and in the most sincere way
39. She cares about both the world and the people around her and her actions show it
40. She is happy in your happiness even if it wouldn't work for her personally
41. She will give of herself completely yet she knows when to put her foot down and say "now that's enough"
42. She is open and enthusiastic about her love for her loved ones.
43. She will never miss any special occasion and will be sure to attend it
44. Cared for and about the women that came to live with her during their pregnancies. They would knock on her bedroom door and she would take them to the hospital to deliver. They were sent from northern areas or Europe.