The Awesome Awards - Nominations

William Oksanen

Nominated by Lani Johnson
August 16, 2013
William runs the Living Room Drop-In Centre (Lookout Society) in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver. Everyday, men and women with severe mental health issues, who have no where else to go, find community, food and friends with William and his team.

Not only does William take care of his team well, but he is awesomely thoughtful and kind to each person that comes in each day, making life just a little bit easier!

And when he's not working?? He's exploring this crazy continent of ours on his motorcycle! That's pretty awesome too.

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Deirdre Pinnock
September 02, 2013
Fair and professional and always approachable . William greets me always will a smile , when William ask me how I am he actually waits for a answer he validates me. Thank you !