The Awesome Awards - Nominations

David Brown

Nominated by Deirdre Pinnock
September 02, 2013
Well you can always read the mounds of newspaper articles and adulations about Lookout New West . He is also the most photographed man I know at Lookout. He comes in at 7am and is stepping out of the office at 7pm after meetings and confirming all 3 Lookout Tenancy building and Shelter are running smoothly. Dave Brown is the only managers that has thank me and told me that I did a good job while at his site . Well Dave Brown you to have done and do a great job!

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Jay Bardoel
August 18, 2013
This guy.. AWESOME. His hair... AWESOME... his style.. AWESOME... swag turned up full. Like this guy can take over a room with his endearing and tough exterior that melts the minds and bodies of those unaccustomed. And those who are accustomed want him to destory them with his charm. Seriously, this guy owns lives because he is just so awesome people want to be a part of his circle. Not to mention, he literally saves the lives of those who are homeless on the streets daily by providing food, shelter, resources, skills, and support to the people who need it most. Select this mother because he is one awesome dude. (I don't have a picture because of the computer I'm on but if I win I will upload one.)