The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Phillis Giovani - Principal Fort Langley Elementary

Nominated by Mia Finn
September 12, 2013
Phillis Giovani is the principal at Fort Langley Elementary.
Phillis IS truly awesome and here is why. I first noticed she was a different kind of principal when I witnessed her in the hallways - she is always being pulled in different directions, by staff, students, the board, one of a million committees, the list goes on.. But despite this, she always has a minute to stop and listen to each child - and knows them each by name. But, she doesn't just know their name, she can likely tell you a little bit about each one.
She is always approachable, friendly and smiling. She has her own family and two teens and still gives every ounce of herself to the school. I have been in the school and have seen her deal with teachers union disputes, school lock downs and many other daily crisis but will always have a warm welcoming place for her students.
I truly believe school administrators are stretched beyond all human capacity. This is part of their 'normal' work environment. These educators are the very important people that empower, enrich and educate a generation of Canadians.
I am so proud to say that although she comes up against the tough job of being in charge of a school - that our principal is a hero for our kids. She demonstrates that at the core of all her tasks, she is leading young children and makes THEM the priority. I am particularly grateful that my daughter gets to look up to such a strong dynamic female leader every day.
So SHE IS amazing and deserves a big thanks and a special award for just being AWESOME.
Thank you Mrs Giovani