The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Elaine Verrier

Nominated by Arlene Picard
June 01, 2013
Hey! My identical twin has been such an incredible sister, friend, mom, leader and charitable organizer. She is a very involved parent at her children's school (although she balances 3 part time jobs and takes care of her two kids!) and seems to have almost no recognition for it.
She has helped organize countless charitable works and moreover, I soiled her two girls to create their own charity fundraiser for to help the starving children in Africa. Literally, they raised a few thousand dollars that in the end was matched by the government and doubled! Amazing for two kids under 7 years old. She has inspired them in so many other ways and I know it has a huge ripple defection their friends and the kids at school. It's been amazing to witness.
She also was singlehanded in rallying other parents in strengthening the parent committee that was on the verge of extinction. A group that without them would be detrimental to all extracurricular activities for all the children at that school.
She volunteers very year for various charities as well as for telethons, especially the Children's Telethon (she works in tv and even during her other paid jobs, will still make it part of her mandate to work the Telethons). It may not sound like a big deal but it is a round the clock job that many people who watch don't realize. The people behind the scenes are awesome and they should all get Awesome awards!
But back to my sister, she is incredible at being such an inspiration to so many, but has really never been recognized.
She will always do her best help others with whatever ways she can. She collects thousands of items from various connections to always donate for numerous charities which often times gets taken for granted. Like I said, thousands of dollars worth of stuff collected every year and it is all donated.
The fact that she juggles three jobs and is able to maintain a household and care for her family is truly awesome. Her children are already amazing and inspirational kids!
She has been my support in some of my own challenging times by dropping whatever it is to be there for me. In fact, there are so many things she has done for others, I just don't have the time to write them all down! But truly,she is my inspiration to be a better person, friend and mother.
It would be such a huge acknowledgement and would mean so much if you honoured her with your fantastic award. She really does deserve it.
Thank you so much!!!!