The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Abu Saeed

Nominated by Andrew Stevenson
January 20, 2017
Abu Saeed, has taken part as a volunteer police cadet in his local borough of Tower Hamlets for three years since 2014. He has made an exceptional difference to his local community by promoting awareness of policing and crime within his volunteering as a cadet. Abu Saeed has helped assist, the views of young people by holding group debate sessions during his own time and has supported and actively encouraged young people to share their personal ideas of making Tower Hamlets a safer place to be. Abu Saeed has dealt with issues of social impact and has taken self defence to another level by incorporating his own skills to protect himself against physical harm. Abu Saeed has worked with people of all ages in his local borough, from seniors to the younger generation in order to get a full insight of what can be done to make Tower Hamlets safer and welcome for all. Abu Saeed always portrays a hardworking and determined attitude at all times. He has gained confidence and has become proactive by working closely with the youth not just in Tower Hamlets but other boroughs aswell. Abu Saeed has become very successful and has grown motivation to succeed and take greater responsibilities in order to improve and gain new skills as a police cadet. Abu Saeed contributes to 8 to 15 hours a week volunteering for his local community as a cadet. Recently he took part on weapon sweeps on three occasions on Poplar Harca estates, finding knives, drugs and a crowbar. Abu Saeed has also taken part in Test Purchase operations across the borough buying, fireworks, knives and alcohol; the venues are now being considered for prosecution. I believe Abu Saeed deserves to be given an award of achievement due to the outstanding commitment and devotion he has conveyed to make his local area a better and safer place to live. Abu Saeed has become a regular achieving cadet with no doubt, and has and will always surprise me with his dedication and obligation of duties he undertakes whenever he is volunteering. Abu Saeed is extremely passionate about working with the metropolitan police service and I know he is a very unique individual who has a lot of ambitions to look forward to in the many years to come.