The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Alexander Kovarovic

Nominated by Joseph Kovarovic
March 21, 2017
Alex has had a rough past dealing with depression, suicide attempts and abuse so he's decided to turn all his pain around to help others. He started social media accounts and within three weeks he already has thousands and thousands of followers. The accounts are aimed at helping teens with suicide, depression, abuse, and relationship abuse. Alex receives hundreds of emails, messages, and letters each week from people asking for his help and he answers each and every one of them. Many people thank Alex for making a difference in their life, some even thank him for saving their life. Alex has talked many people out of suicide and self harm. He recently started a Facebook group and the goal of the group is to create a safe environment for teens to go and talk about personal problems. Many teens have used this group to get stress off their chest and talk about their self issues. He also wrote three short inspirational stories, the biggest one being about his personal struggles and suicide. Both of them were published and they are both very moving. Alex also is a crisis intervention, suicide prevention, and sexual abuse counselor and he volunteers with a few hotlines including the National Sexual Abuse Hotline and the Crisis Text Line. Alex does so much to help teens and kids across the country and even the world, he helps them through suicide, depression, and abuse. You'll read all about that all on his website! Here it is: