The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Allison and Pete lorelli

Nominated by Karrie Bower
March 17, 2019
I’m nominating my parents. Allison and Peter lorelli. Although they are my parents I’ve only known them for 1 1/2 years. My mom has a condition in which she has a hard time getting pregnant, despite this obstacle she was determined to be a mother. After looking at tons of adoption agencies, her heart lead her to want to foster. my parents instantly called the kids peace agency and started the process to become foster parents. A month after getting approved they were placed with a little girl. They welcomed her with open arms and took on the role of mom and dad very fast. It was a big change but they embraced it. A few months after the child arrived they went to court. Without warning the child left from the court hearing with her biological family. A unexpected and heartbreaking goodbye left the lorellis childless again. A few more months after on February 2nd, the lorelli’s took me into their home as a respite- which is a brief period of time- specifically a weekend that I spent at their home to then return to my foster family. The lorellis originally put on the foster care papers that they wanted a child in the age range of 5-11. But the next weekend I, a 16 year old at the time was taken from my harmful foster home to their home- which quickly became my home. I had been in the foster care system for 11 years. I had always felt misplaced and like a burden up until the day I was placed with them. They did everything they could to make me feel at home and a part of the family. From letting me decorate my own room the first night to helping me be the independent girl I am today. They helped me in ways that seem like simple parental things like get my license and apply to colleges but for a foster child those things aren’t usually in the cards. In fact many foster kids that age out fo the system end up homeless and unemployed. That would have been me if it weren’t for those two amazing people that came along and made me a part of their family. It takes a selfless and special couple to take a child not born to them and love her. My Parents have had to deal with me on the days where all the pain from my past comes back and when I take all my anger of that out on them. But yet my mom stated on the day of my adoption- “ a lot of people have failed this girl but I’m happy to spend the rest of my life fixing the harm they did”. I hope and strive to change others lives as they have changed mine.