The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Amy Frye

Nominated by Sarah McMillan
March 26, 2014
Amy deserves this award because she quietly toils away at her job as the Director of the Centre for Sustainable Food Systems at the University of British Columbia. Which basically means she runs the UBC Farm and pioneers the way for many a project in the realm of sustainable food. It is a well respected position and is a lot of work, but Amy pulls it off with grace. I have watched her achieve so many of her goals within the position, while most importantly maintaining a rich personal life and a healthy work/life balance. With a job that constantly begs more work to be done, this is no mean feat. Amy is also a sweet and generous friend who is always striving for personal growth. She deserves the world and this year, as a start to getting what she deserves, she will be marrying her farm sweetheart! A great start to a new chapter in her life. Thanks Amy. You're awesome.