The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Anita Jones

Nominated by Curtis Burden
December 24, 2016
This young lady is very special and have went over and beyond to help my family for the past 10 years helping to take care of my 6 children whom loves her dearly. She have bent over backwards to make sure my kids had what they need. She always smile and do not ask anyone for anything. She has never asked to be repaid for anything she has done for my children or me. She loves her family dearly (mom,brothers,etc) she always support them and take care of them. She inspires alot of people and have a heart of gold...She do not have her own kids but she really love kids and wants her own. However, she is unable to do to medical reasons. Her boyfriend daughter, she has taken in and raised as her own child for the last 5 years. She is a real good mother figure to all the children and teaches them well. She really deserves appreciation for everything she does. She is a hardworking young lady that make sure every check she gets is spent on these kids, no matter if her bills are due or anything she just does it and don't regret it.I love her so much and will forever. She loves helping the needy and homeless people. This may not mean anything to anyone that does not know her but I speak for us all that does know her and the truth is she is a true angel at heart. She deserves so much that words truly can't express it. We love you Anita Griffin Jones from us all Kaporshia Burnett, Gayleen Middleton, Annette Griffin, Ervin Griffin, Joshua Griffin, Opal Moore, all the Children and more💞