The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Annette Hammond

Nominated by Tamara
January 29, 2019
I would like to nominate Annette Hammond as an awesome award recipient. Annette is the founder and president of an organization called Blanketing Families. Blanketing Families is a nonprofit organization where new and/or gently used blankets are collected and given to the less fortunate. Annette was inspired to start Blanketing Families after receiving many of her own blankets while battling (and beating) breast cancer. In addition to the blanket collection, Annette has also grown the organization to help feed many of the community’s less fortunate. Atleast once a week, Annette’s organization has an event to provide the community with warm meals, blankets, and other clothing items. Blanketing Families is a new organization, however, has partnered with other organizations in the community to reach a common goal: to provide warmth, comfort, and encouragement to all she encounters. You can learn more about her organization at You can also contact Annette at [email protected] or at (803)-381-6732. Thank you and I hope she can be nominated!