The Awesome Awards - Nominations

April Halbach

Nominated by John Sullivan
July 15, 2014
At 58 years young, my mother April has lived selflessly and done everything to make everyone around her feel celebrated and loved. I want to return that favor. My mother's been talking about starting a food truck business for years. She wants to call it April's Empanada's after her famous empanadas. Everyone I know loves them. For her, she gets a kick out of seeing people enjoy her food because she believes in the power cooking and its ability to fill people’s hearts via their tummies.

She’s had a difficult life; a severely asthmatic childhood and trying years as a single parent to three. She still works hard, probably more than she should, however I’m less worried about her overworking work because she’s tough. I am though concerned about her current state: she recently lost a husband of 20 years and the house they lived in and her current sense of satisfaction is cooking meals and visiting her father and sister at their nursing home down the highway.

I know giving my mom a food truck sounds silly and I know it won’t change what’s happened, but I want to give her the chance to feel celebrated. I want her to share her gifts with others. I want to give her a chance to get her life back.
Thank you for reading.