The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Audriana Chenoweth

Nominated by Margot Moffa
April 16, 2019
Blonde hair, blue eyes, pale skin, beautiful smile. These four physical descriptions could describe anyone, at random, in the world. Yet, when I think about these simple attributes, only one person comes to mind: Audriana Chenoweth, a stellar, outgoing ray of sunshine. To me, she is the definition of awesome. I have known Audri for only a short period of time, but within this time, she has become my best friend; my peanut butter to my jelly, my chocolate chip to my cookie, my moon to my stars. When people become this close, they refer to each other as “siblings” but we refer to each other as “mom” and “dad”, Audri being the Dad in the relationship, looking out for you but letting you get away with something every once and a while, which makes me the “Mom”, taking care of anyone at any cost; together we are the perfect pair. She never conforms to society but instead walks her own path, creating her own story. She has unique and spunky character which is why I gravitate to her so strongly. I admire Audri for a multitude of reasons. She acquires qualities that some never will have the chance of obtaining, qualities that take years of knowledge, but for some reason, she was simply gifted with them. She currently is struggling with how she is going to afford for her next semester of college, not being able to get any more loans. She has no plan and takes it day by day. But with her, every day is a clean slate. Every day is a new one and deserves a fresh start and new perspective. No matter how stressed, upset, or sad she is she never fails to make time in her day to be there for me. She sets asides her problems and puts other people before herself. Say I come home crying and huddle myself within my blanket. With no idea of what is wrong, not even one minute later will I feel her creep into my bed, hugging me tight, telling me everything is going to be okay; we are a unit and will figure it out together. Audri is the most amazing person that I know. I am struggling to even find the words to express how amazing of a person she is. She inspires me every day to get out of bed and try and little harder than I did the day before. Simply put, Audriana Chenoweth is the definition of awesome.