The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Ava Malloy

Nominated by Wynn Ahonen
November 23, 2020
The person who has the utmost inspirational importance in my life is Ava Malloy, She is a strong biker of only 19 years of age yet she overcomes so much. She is a Queen and she inspires me everyday. She is a special light in this world and she always makes me smile(not many people can do that). I was struggling with deppression and she has always been here for me, she also is a coach for the the Armstrong highschool Mt.biking team and she is so very kind to young kids. She deserves the world and this nomination! She is tall and strong, kind, smart and stupidly funny with hair that I could swear is made from gold. She is not afraid to show her true self and I hope to be as brave as her one day. She has helped me to stay on this earth and she coaches kids on the bike team and everyone loves her. She is always spreading good messages to all and she always there for her friends. She has shown me a new perspective on the world and she has taught me that no matter what you should appreciate and make the best of any situation. She is the most literal definition of sunshine. And that is why Ava has my nomination. ( I could go on forever and there is so much more she is a true angel.)