The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Betty Funches

Nominated by Beatrice Major
October 10, 2014
ThIs is my mom first of all and she is awesome just for being that but let me tell you the real reason why she is so awesome my mother has been taking care of my grandmother for many years and also taken care of as she work it was in July of 2013 when she lost her job and is still taking care of my grandmother and she's doing it all alone by herself with no help and no job sometimes I can see that things get hard for her but she just keep on going no matter what Get In her way and on top of that she is taking care of my little sister which is only 5 everyone tells me my mother is so amazing for the things that she do and she never complained about it even though I know she needs a break sometimes she would never ask. and she would help anybody out all they have to do is Ask no matter how hard it is she just keep on going. no is not in my mother's vocabulary and that why she is so awesome it is a blessing to have a mother like her the only thing is her footsteps will be hard to replace.