The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Chantay Bridges

Nominated by Conrad Bridges
October 27, 2014
Former co-worker - Discovered a stranger had been looking for work several years and was having trouble supporting herself and child. Chantay's employer stated, anyone she recommended, he would hire them on the spot. Hearing of this person's plight, she nominated her and the stranger was hired very quickly after. The woman whom was a victim of divorce was now given a new start and it was all because of the kindness of a stranger.

Foreclosure victim - She took off from work and spent two days helping a neighbor, a senior citizen, pack everything she owns. She also sought out alternative housing options.

She took a single mother's kid shopping for her mother a birthday gift. The single mother wasn't able to leave work due to her schedule.

House 2 Home/Womens shelter - She wrote a lengthy grant to assist the non profit in obtaining well needed fund to provide transitional housing for homeless victims in Los Angeles county

Christmas elf - Every December, she takes several low income families shopping for much needed items. Groceries, toys, baby items, toiletres, etc.

LAOIC - A sponsor and donor to assist kids who live in the ghetto obtain computers to be able to do their homework, apply for scholarships and not be computer illiterate.

Juvenile Hall - Goes bi-monthly to encourage, mentor and teach the youth. Seeking to make a difference in the lifes of countless disadvantaged kids.

Habitat for Humanity - Attends volunteer work days to prepare packets for potential homeowner fairs that benefit those in the city who are not financial able to afford a home.
Chantay Bridges has a long track record of doing good and alms deeds. She has been a faithful and active community member for over 20 years. She is committed to the things, people and work of needy. She continues to reach out, everything from providing help to the disadvantaged, grief/sympathy coordinator, for those who have lost a loved one. She has missed work to help a senior citizen who suffered from foreclosure of her childhood home, packed up everything she own and assist in searching for relocation options.

Juvenile Halls:
For over 18 years, Chantay Bridges has volunteered and spent many weekends at juvenile hall. She and her team go into the facility to inspire, educate and motivate the kids to live and be better citizens. It's been said, their presence has lowered the suicide and return rates. Many of the children's life's have been touched and affected. Many of these children come from broken homes. Some are kids of gang bangers, single families with no true parental guidance or direction. Several are hopeless and looking for someone to believe in them. Many times on Christmas day, Chantay and her team are there in lieu of being with their families. They remember and give out to a lost generation in need of hope. Chantay personally visits the juvenile halls every other month and coordinates a program regularly on behalf of the incarcerated youth in an effort to bring hope and encouragement.

Habitat for humanity:
Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities and hope. Chantay has volunteered her real estate experience to assist potential homeowners in completing the paperwork and teaching them about the process for obtaining a home loan. She also teams with others volunteering her time and service as needed for special events.

Toys 4 tots:
A volunteer for Toys 4 tots program. They collect new, unwrapped toys and distribute them to less fortunate children in the community. She takes off from work and spends time visiting the warehouse where the toys are stored and distributed. She cancelled an award show where she would of been receiving a salary, to make herself available to children who may not have anything at all. To be ready to pick up, distribute and deliver toys; Stocking warehouses & distributing toys to families in need of help

Make a wish foundation:
As a volunteer, Chantay helps to serve children with life-threatening medical conditions. Volunteers serve as wish granters, fundraisers, special events assistants and in numerous other capacities. Last year Macys partnered with the foundation. Chantay weekly visited Macy's, picking up letters for santa, sorting, counting and mailing them. Each letter to santa was matched with a donation to the organization from Macy's. (Make a wish teamed up with Macy's last December, Chantay Bridges collected letters from Santa Nov. - Dec., counting, inventory, reporting and mailing them. A donation was given to benefit the terminally ill kids

House 2 Home:
Board member and active volunteer at House 2 Home a women's transitional facility. The non-profit works to provide a home to the homeless, transition women back into the workforce and acts as an advocate to the hurting. She has made gift baskets for the women in an effort for every single person to have a Christmas gift and no one be without on Christmas day. She has missed work and visited World Vision in hopes of securing personal hygiene and other items that are much required for the needy.

LA OIC: (Jordan Down computer project)
Annually provides a contribution or financing for youth to obtain computers to do homework with in impoverished areas

Christmas Sharing:
Chantay Bridges has been the head liaison for an annual Christmas Sharing program. The program is to give individuals hope and a reminder that someone cares. They provide toys, clothes, shoes, bill payment, meals, etc. at Christmas time to the poor and needy in Los Angeles. She picks up individuals and their families who are disadvantaged and transports them. Shops for needy families. Helping them with food and necessities.