The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Chase Marvil

Nominated by Amy Marvil
September 03, 2015
My son has a project called The Inspiring Project in which he uses social media to end suicide and bullying in teens and adults. What he does is he posts inspiring messages and quotes to his social media sites and he encourages them to use the hashtag, #theinspiringproject so that anyone can see their inspiration and keep the chain going. To this day, Chase has inspired and motivated over 50,000 people worldwide and has received numerous letters telling him their thankfulness for him listening and being their voice. The project also has bracelets in which they engrave "I WON'T GIVE UP" as well as the hashtag. These bracelets are a small reminder for anyone and everyone who wears them to never give up on what they are doing. In the small town in the state of Delaware in which we live, not much of this motivation and persistence is around at such a young age. Chase created a wall at his high school and has plans of making new ones and expanding his walls to other schools to promote positivity. (Attached photo). Chase has sent bracelets around the world and thousands of youth have contacted him. His project continues to grow each day and the opportunities continue to rise. Chase loves to help people and with everything he does, he welcomes anyone to help if they wanted to. Between his project, "Inspiring Wall" creations, and bracelet sales, he keeps up in school and enjoys doing what he does.