The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Cierra Robinson

Nominated by Jarrod Brooker
September 23, 2019
Ms. Robinson has created a platform to help combat some of tough issues human trafficking and mass incarceration by turning her own opposition into opportunity. I ask for your help as to bring awareness to the amazing mission of the charitable 501(c) 3 called Inspired Innovation she created in 2017 which it truly deserves as a grassroots organization. I appreciate your time of continuation for reading this correspondence. As I stated above Inspired Innovation is a publicly supported charitable organization Ms. Robinson personally funded and founded that is dedicated to inspiring criminal justice impacted returning citizens as well as incarcerated adults and youth to make moral and ethical choices through the resource of higher education. Inspired Innovation provides education enrollment assistance and support to transitioning formerly incarcerated returning citizens. Also, Ms. Robinson herself is representation for Human Trafficking Advocacy, raising awareness in the community about human trafficking issues and prevention. On top of running a nonprofit she is also now working with Mid-City District California to form a collaboration to move towards preventive solutions regarding the high trafficking areas of San Diego. Cierra Robinson is a survivor of human trafficking who found her voice through the gift of higher education, which explains why she is so passionate about representing both movements. #EndHumanTraffiking #SchoolsNotPrisons. Being able to be a part of such an organization that represents those who are impacted by the criminal justice system, including youth to follow their dreams and walk towards a path of purpose has been a marvelous and empowering experience for myself. By Ms. Robinson creating a filtration system that allows inmates and formerly incarcerated returning citizens to become academic “role models” with a helping hand and peer mentoring from those that have already accomplished the transition themselves reduces recidivism community. By Inspired Innovation outreaching to prisons, jails, transitional housing, and CDCR funded re-entry programs they create a pathway to colleges amongst students paroling with college credit/units and or those wanted to pursue furthering their education. “We inspire others when we ourselves make commitments to personal inspirational change...” - Cierra Robinson During my time of incarceration, I kept several newspaper articles that helped me form a plan to reestablish my life once released. I am a member of NA and will have two years clean and sober coming this September 16th, 2019. I spent 18 months in custody surrendering to my unmanageable lifestyle. I lost my relationship with my wife and son after 23 years as well as my career in occupational health and safety due to addiction and incarceration. My time incarcerated helped me accept reality and take charge of my life again. It started with a vision. Cierra's article gave me that vision. Her demonstration became a beacon of hope by what she represented. Education, ambition, self-respect, self-love, strength, and compassion. Ms. Robinson is an example of a full circle from adversity to accomplishments. I followed my plan and contacted Cierra Robinson post my release. Today in my life I am extremely proud to mention that I am a San Diego City College student finishing my summer semester and starting my fall semester. Cierra has helped me restore my life. I don't think she realizes the impact she had made myself and many others.