The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Dale Robnett

Nominated by June Pugmire
October 29, 2018
Dale is amazing person. He gives with his heart. He has been a Hugh part of the Idaho Veterans Garden in Caldwell, Idaho From the very beginning. With no questions asked Dale will be there ready to help move dirt fix what needs fixed and offers suggestions when needed. Dale is a huge support of the Boobie run for Breast Cancer, Tribute to the fallen soldiers of the NW, ride for 22 , he ride his motorcycle in support. and is the lead rider of the Idaho Veterans Garden Riders.
Dales wife Connie is a huge support for Dale they are amazing team.. There is not one thing that makes Dale so great there are hundreds of reasons why Dale is so great. We love Dale and we are so thankful for his dedication to the Veteran community and The Idaho Veterans Gardens in Caldwell, Idaho