The Awesome Awards - Nominations

David Brown-Morreale

Nominated by Romeo
January 05, 2017
it is with great pleasure to nominate David Morreale for the awesome awards . David is my Youth Pastor at Parkminster and he began his ministry in January 2015. He is a graduate of Roberts Wesleyan College and director of Summer's Best Two Weeks. He has lived in Uganda, Africa for 4 months with a host family, spent a summer as counselor in Estes State Park in Colorado, and loves to teach and guide the students of Prism! David always so nice and he always have time to chad with you no matter what mood you are in. He always there for you no matter what. he one of the coolest person and funny youth group pastor anyone could ask for. he is a role model for all of us should find a way to contribute in a greater way to the community outside of how we spend out time here in youth group. He inspired me to be a better person and to never give up on my dreams no matter what happens. l