The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Dominick Boyd

Nominated by Karin Detres
September 27, 2017
The group of kids in the picture are not your ordinary group. Some come from broken homes, others from perfect homes. What is extraordinary about them is the bond that one man has created. Mr. Dominck Boyd had a vision to instruct, teach, guide and embrace his students. He has created a dance studio he calls " BORN INTO THE ARTS". 10 years and he continues. These kids are never turned away due to lack of experience, or lack of funds. Report cards are checked on every student to ensure they are on the right path. Every child is given love, strength, guidance and dance skills. After his full time job, he spends every weaken moment dedicated to these children. Everyone is given the same attention. These children, mine included never want to go home. This is their home. This is more than a dance studio.