The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Dr. R. James Schadewald IV

Nominated by Matt Aspey
September 10, 2016
So where to begin, Dr. James is one of the people I have to thank for becoming the person that I am today. I met Dr. James in the Spring 2015 semester, in his General Psychology class at the Harrisburg Area Community College, York Campus. That semester I had one of the worst things to happen to a person, which was the death of a beloved parent. I was stressed that semester by trying to take care of my Mom, work full-time, go to college, and pay my bills. Dr. James was very understanding and caring of my circumstances and tried to help me anyway he possibly could. He gave me extentions on assignments and also helped me by talking with me and help me with the emotional pain I was dealing with by comforting and listening to me. I had Dr. James for two additional classes and never stopped caring about me and would talk to me even if he didn't have the time too. Dr. James still inspires me and continues to tell me how proud he is of my accomplishments and tells me how much of a positive future I will have and this type of confidence is genuine. This is why his students admire him. He cares about people and students, uses humor and real life experiences in his lectures and always tries to be as inclusive as possible. Dr. James also helps with out with our campus' disabilities program to help individuals that need it as well as having food and supply drives to help our local community. He donates all items to various mental health programs in the county and always has a smile on his face when he does it. He is a good man, with a heart of gold, and will forever have a place in my heart for everything he has done for me. His contributions go far beyond the 4 walls of a classroom and goes beyond the call of a college professor deserves to be recognized for his work and his generosity and caring capacity. Dr. James is the definition of awesome and being extraordinary and deserves an award that reflects that simple truth. Dr. James also has a passion for building and doing projects and has been featured in popular mechanics and loves working with wood. So what better way to show my appreciation than give him an award made out of wood and states what I truly appreciate and think about him which is awesome.