The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Elizabeth Thrall

Nominated by Stephen T Thrall
January 27, 2019
My mom is the most compassionate and kindest person ever but when someone tries to thank her and tell her what a good person she is she always says it’s everyone else who should be thanked not her and if someone gives her a gift she thinks she’s doesn’t deserve it and donates it. I don’t know why our entire town can see how amazing she is but she can’t. I have listed below somethings that she has done or continues to support others and give back to the community. Organized the Walking on for You Benefit After the accident in Coventry that claimed the lives of two 14yr old girls and injured two 13yr old boys .She organized from the ground up a successful benefit that raised over $18,000 for the families. Was the very first recipient of the “People Helping People” award. She was nominated by coworkers, members and community for always putting others first and going above and beyond to help in the office and community. Organized a community candlelight vigil after a student passed away. When a senior at the high school suddenly passed away she organized a candle light vigil where over 300 community members showed up to support the family and students. She also had a full mental health support staff on hand for anyone who needed to talk. Coordinated full support for the family and friends during the funeral of a High school football player that passed away including dinner for the family, dinner for the football team, a team of emotional support animal on hand, childcare during the showing/funeral and due to the large turn out was able to provided a protected private area for the immediate family when they felt overwhelmed and needed a moment to themselves. Organized an open invitation dinner for the community to show their love and support to the family, football team, friends and school staff. Was for 2 years VP of a school parent group. Tutored kindergarten students who were struggling to learn to read. Founder and president of a unincorporated local nonprofit that’s provides support, services and recourses for the Portage Lakes community. Held a successful back to school donation drive that provided clothing, shoes, school supplies, hygiene products and haircuts to students K-12 in the community. Also, donated school supplies and hygiene products to the local schools to distribute. Co-organized a successful parent run campaign that supported the local school levy. she reached out to community members for support and delivered levy signs to anyone in the community that was willing to put one in their yard. She wrote open letters to the community that were published in multiple local newspapers. She co-ran the online social media campaign and created and distributed a new online flyer for each day of the campaign. Organized a caravan for early voting. Organized rides for the elderly or non-driving to get to the polling location. Provided snacks to the local elementary school to distribute to students who did not bring in anything to eat during snack time. She offers one on one credit/budget education and counseling to individuals and couples in the community and provides credit education for kids so that they are equipped with the tools they need to handle credit responsibly when they turn 18. Sponsored private music lessons for talented kids who’s parents are not able to afford so they are have the same opportunities as their peers. Teamed up with another nonprofit to deliver Christmas gifts and food baskets to local needy families. She dressed up as elves and accompanied local law enforcement to deliver not only the gifts but also Christmas cheer and a positive experience with law enforcement (some of the kids came from backgrounds that only had a negative outlook on law enforcement) She connected a church with a family that the husband/dad was diagnosed with cancer and unable to work. Helped a single mom who lost her job with a donation to help pay her bills. Provided her with food. Provided her with a donation to purchase a birthday cake and supplies for her daughter who’s birthday is Christmas Eve. Also, helped her update her resume and sent her info to some contacts she had and was able to get her an interview with a stable reputable company. She helped her prepare for the interview and land the job. Collected donations of clothing, shoes, books and household items for an elderly gentleman who unfortunately lost everything. Coordinated successful donation drives of non perishable food donations to support the community Cupboards project. She was is the donation coordinator for the Wrestling Program. Each week she finds a local organization that is helping in the community that will receive the proceeds from the 40/50 and during each match holds a donation drive of items the organization needs. She teamed up with another organization to help a mom of an 8 yr old who is not able to provide any Christmas gifts this years. She is unable to work due to serious medical condition and the husband/ lead is a subcontractor who’s work has slowed down due to the weather. She collects donations through the year of clothing, shoes, household items, hats/gloves, or anything else a family might be able to use. She accepts all donations and if she does not know of a need at that time she reaches out to the schools, other organizations and the community members and stores the donations until they are needed. Basically she tries to use the resources avail in the community to support a need in the community. She connects other organizations in the community together that can work together to provide more support. Organized a Christmas donation drive that will provided Christmas dinner, stockings and gifts for three families in the community. Raised money for a teen who lost fingers in a shop class accident. Makes and sells T-shirts and donates 100% of the proceeds back into the community. Invited a woman and her kids to visit because her husband passed away and the town they live in is not a supportive place and she said everyone should feel love and never feel completely alone. She is currently working on a Community event that will bring everyone together to foster the strong community bond.