The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Emily Harwood

Nominated by Nicole Bongiorno
March 07, 2014
Emily is one of those rare people who lead by example. She and her family have fostered dogs with our city's humane society for years and she often pays for toys and things out of her own pocket. Even if someone just buys a dog and doesn't want it, she will take it and help to find a home for it.  She lives in a single parent household where money is tight so she often has to work two jobs while going to college and still find time for charity. 
Her selflessness doesn't stop at animals. She collects donations to help out our friends who are expecting and cannot afford very much. She is currently collecting donations for five of our friends and we are refurbishing a crib to give to one. You can see Emily buying lunch for someone, giving rides, and just being an amazing human being any day of the week. She is the best friend all of us have ever had and I know that no matter the time or place, she will be there for those who need her. The world is truly blessed to have her in it and I wish there were more like her. She is an unsung hero and I think it is time to sing her a song.