The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Esther Hoodless

Nominated by Hope Swain
October 13, 2015
My nominee for the Awesome Award is Esther Hoodless. I only met Esther 2 months ago when I started college at Texas A&M, but I immediately knew she was someone I wanted to be friends with for the rest of my life. She is so friendly and honestly wants to know you. She is willing to listen to you talk about your problems no matter how late it is. She stayed up until 2:30 on a school night because a friend of ours needed someone to talk to. The other night she bought a group of four of my friends venti Starbucks drinks while we were studying. She had to wait in line for 30 minutes and she paid with her own money. Esther is also a huge gift-giver and pays attention to the things you say or do so she can get you the perfect gift. Yesterday I told her my favorite food was watermelon, and she just gave me a watermelon flavored Blow Pop. She will text me to check in on how I'm doing, and her acts of kindness may go unseen sometimes but not unappreciated. Esther lives her life for God and her faith is very inspiring. Below is picture of Esther at a nearby lake. It was taken after she had just had the nicest conversation with a man who was at the lake by himself and obviously wanted to talk to someone. Esther is so deserving of this award, but even if she doesn't get it I hope someone will be inspired by her selfless love for others!