The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Frank Martinez

Nominated by Todd Maria
November 23, 2017
For six years, Frank has been involved in the Dallas Oaklawn Neighborhood Thanksgiving Celebration. In fact, he has taken the lead in organizing the event for the past four consecutive years. The Oaklawn Neighborhood Thanksgiving Celebration is a free event that brings the community together. Frank assembles a small army of volunteers to solicit food donations, complete meal prep, event decoration, and food service. Frank’s dedication and selfless service ensures individuals within our community have an opportunity to celebrate the joys of Thanksgiving with a hot meal, fellowship, and entertainment. A man of humility and kindness, each year Frank rises to the challenge of actuating the event because to him this is a small way to give back to others. What he views as a “small” action truly has had a profound positive impact on the lives of many. Each year the event serves nearly 400 meals or over 2,400 meals in the last six years! It is a privilege to nominate Frank Martínez for consideration as a recipient of an Awesome Award. Frank has positively impacted the lives of many and embodies the spirt of these awards. Frank is Awesome and our community is a better place because of him.