The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Gabriel Lazarick

Nominated by jack belhumeur
May 11, 2018
I have nominated Gabriel Lazarick for his amazing and brilliant artwork and his contributions to the art community in his city. Gabriel is a talented illustrator who often works with film makers to adapt their visions into high quality sketches and into finished works of art from logos to story boards. I am a Metis (Native Canadian) artist and filmmaker and have used Gabriel's artwork in several social justice films including "war paint" an award winning tale about art against injustice raising awareness about missing murdered indigenous women and girls in Canada as well as "Dying in Vein" a short horror thriller raising awareness about the opiate overdose epidemic. Gabriel has also worked with several other indigenous storytellers and filmmakers and helped adapt their visions into animations with his illustrations. Gabriel operates under the name "Laz Art" and is doing good things for community members and businesses in his own city and beyond. Outside of his illustration and animation work Gabriel is also an brilliant actor, writer and film maker. I gladly nominate this awesome artist for an awesome award because he does awesome work for the sake of making great art and helping others make their works great aswell.