The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Gary C.Sanderson

Nominated by Patricia Sinatra
March 06, 2017
I was abandoned in 2013 by my son and daughters father who ended up turning himself around yet had to go away for a while to rehabilitate . During the two years he was gone I have only literally met one true decent man who offered to help me without any ill intentions or gain of his own . this man took me in off the streets even when he knew of my past and present flaws. I am 38 and I have to this day Never met a more selfless, thoughtful, gentlemanly, Gallant, single parent (to a awesome jr. )he even has built his own house, respects all creatures is still respectable as a human overall in the way we remember when America was young, he promised me id always have a home and a friend to help me get my two kids father and family to realize I was in a stable living environment and after two years I Finally was granted visits and my children were so happy even my Children's father was excited and said a great big thank u to him which made gary so sweet and bashful . He is very down to earth and yet spiritual but doesn't shove any beliefs in anyones face I could go on for days Gary Sanderson is the most awesome person I have ever met in my entire life besides my sister Sabrina Gow. Wife of Pastor Gow. Gary , I truly thank God who is my father in heaven and you Gary are the father I never thought I deserved......YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!! I am asking for someone to donate a car or a living room set of furniture he thinks I don't notice its bare yet he filled my huge bedroom I stay in FOR FREE until I get back on my feet with his parents antique table and nightstands!! Also he has sheltered others in need young boy aged 20 whose home was not ideal. THis young man of course has been a paid in full renter and hard worker. well I hope and pray you all who see this that you believe me . thank u .!!!!!