The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Gerald Owens, WRAL

Nominated by Doris Battle
March 01, 2020
The Community Coming Together For A Common Goal Gerald Owens, WRAL Told Mr. Lynn Council’s Truth This is not a Story, it’s all a “Truth.” Apex Mayor Jacques Gilbert, Apex Pro Tem Nicole Dozier, Chief John Letteney, Wake Sheiff, and Gerald Owens has been supportive, and amazing to Mr. Lynn Council from the beginning. This “Truth” is not about Holly Springs N.C. widening a highway and taking Mr. Council’s home. It not even about what happened to Mr. Council many years ago (but we will never forget) This Truth is about Our Communities come together. Friends helping Friends! It’s a beautiful thing when our community come together. A community coming together for one common goal. It all started because Gerald Owens, WRAL dare to care about the truth that happened to Mr. Council’s years ago, 1952. For that we are Eternally Grateful! Two Sundays ago, Mr. Council’s and Doris Battle went to church in Apex, St. Mary’s AME Church. Afterward a boy (A. Watson) walk over to Mr. Council, and asked Mr. Council to come back (February 9, 2020)? A. Watson said, they were doing a Black History Program at church, and he wanted to do presentation on Mr. Lynn Council . He wanted Mr. Council to come back to see his presentation (Mr. Council is an Icon). Mr. Council has brought people across the line together, Republicans, Democrats, NAACP President, Council People, Community Leaders, Families, and Friends has all rally together for this cause (Mr. Lynn Council’s Well Being) It is unbelievable! Attorney Paul “Skip” Stam, and the NAACP Raleigh-Apex Branch President Gerald Givens has work tirelessly together on Mr. Council’s behalf. Holly Springs, NC were only offering a certain amount for Mr. Council’s property., The houses in his area cost way more than the amount. Attorney Stam work with Holly Springs Council and DOT until they came up with a great solution. Different conditions were taken into account, Mr. Council’s age, his income, hardship, relocation money, etc. This took a lot of man-hours, and Attorney Stam did it Pro-bono. (the Community working together). Then NAACP President met with Attorney Stam and they became a Team, we are talking about a Republican and NAACP President working hand-n-hand for a common goal (Mr. Council). They wrote, called, and visited our Government Legislative Branch to try to get the $20,000 loan forgiven. This $20,000 was never supposed to be paid back by Mr. Council. The way it normally work is the elderly person(s) that took out the Fix-up Loan would die, and the Family would have to pay back the loan, or loss the house. But Mr. Council’s did not die, he had to leave his home because of the road in widened. The loan is a Federal Loan and not a State Loan, $20,000 would have to be paid back. This would be like starting over on a home mortgage for Mr. Lynn Council’s. He is 87 years old, and don’t have $20,000 to pay back. Our hope was Mr. Council could get a cheaper home, and pay back the $20,000, that was not possible. The way the special consideration money worked, all the money that was offered for the home, had to be used to purchase the home. If not the remaining would go back to the State. So all that money was used on the home that was purchased for Mr. Lynn Council. (This home is Paid In FULL). On Saturday at a the MLK Breakfast, Doris Taylor Battle was met Garrett Razek, they were sitting at the same table, and began to talk. Garrett asked Doris, how could he help Mr. Council? Doris said, he needs $20,000 for an Outstanding Loan. Gerald Owens, WRAL, Apex Mayor Jacques Gilbert and Apex Pro Tem Nicole Dozier, Apex Council, Chief John Letteney, Apex Police Department, Wake County Sheiff Gerald Baker, Sheiff Department, Gerald Hinton, Holly Springs Mayor Dick Sears, Holly Springs Manager Randy Harrington, Holly Springs Town Council, The Entire N.C.DOT, Attorney Paul “Skip” Stam, NAACP Gerald Givens, Realtor Renisha L. Battle, Rev. Milton O. Battle, Catherine Harris, Leo Harris, Carl Trice, Mary Harris, Emmie Council, Former Mayor Doug Boyd, Queen Steel, The Council Family, Rev. Dr. Maxwell, Rev. Dr. James Taylor, Rev. Dr. Laura Johnson, Rev. Paul Taylor, Dr. Frances Orama, Bettina Moore, Anna Clyde Burt, Mary Elster McNeil, Honora Werner, Team Lynn Council, News Media, The Entire Community, Nation, and Everybody that helped. Thank You! The $20,000 is Paid in Full. Garrett gave Doris his business card, and said call me. Garrett started a Go-Fund-Me-Account for Mr. Council. Once the money was paid back, the community continues to ask the question. What can I do to help Mr. Council. Rev. Dr. Johnson purchased a TV for Mr.Council Bedroom. Leo Harris worked tirelessly to make sure everything was fix in the home, Joe and Paul help with the move. People in the community gave Gift Cards. We purchased things needed for Mr. Council’s new home. We want to Thank Everybody! It is unbelievable the amount of people that is concern about Mr. Council’s well-being. Everybody seems to be saying they want his latter life, to be better than his early life. The Community, and the nation are making it happened. People has reach out from Florida, Ohio, New York, and across the country. I spoke to a lady from Pine Hurst (Queen Steele) she saw Mr. Council picture, and said, “We have to do something for this man.” I know the story started out about widening of the road. But it is something much bigger. It’s about the community coming together and forgetting about our differences. In a time were the House and Senate is fighting over everything. Our community has learning to communicate with one another. Learning to reach over lines of indifference, and make a different. On Monday, 8:00am -9:30am, Attorney Paul Stam, NAACP President Gerald Givens, and Realtor Renisha Battle, Rev. Milton O. Battle, and Garrett Razek will met Mr. Council to sign the contract for his new home. This is Great News! It was at a MLK Program on a Monday. Gerald Owens, WRAL took a home made Video Tape from Doris Taylor Battle of Mr. Lynn Council. It all started because of a “Truth” that was ran on Mr. Council in February, 2019 on the News by, Gerald Owens, WRAL. Gerald told Our Truth. The truth about Mr. Lynn Council, and Others in the community. Mr. Alfred Scott, Thomas, James, and Oscar Mitchell. We cannot thank Gerald Owens enough for sharing, with sensitive. He spoke the truth with such compassion, love, and concerned in the Documentary. He is helping heal our communities, here and around the nation. Thank You, Gerald Owens, WRAL! A Wonder Journey, Doris Taylor Battle