The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Hannah Baum

Nominated by Craig Gubser
January 27, 2019
I am a 37 yr old single father with a 6 year old daughter named Lyllian. She is genuinely sweet, polite, smart and the most selfless child ive ever met. Here's an example:
Me: I love you Lilly pad merry Xmas
Her: love you too daddy
Me: are you excited for Xmas
Her: yeah... Hey dad
Me: ya babe?
Her: I got a lot of presents last year and I love opening them cause you never know what its gonna be but if I get 1 present this year can we give more presents to my brother( 3yr old, different dad), grandma and Hannah(my nominee)
Me: Sure babe if that's what you wanna do.
Her: yes it is. Thank you dad i love you!
Here's a little about Hannah:
20 year old high school graduate that is a good friend of the family and grew up in the same small town of Rainier. She has known Lyllian since the day she was born and has always been close to her. Hannah has been in 4-h for horses for years and owns 2 horses herself. (Lyllian loves horses) Hannah never misses an event. I would say there is 50 a year and only competes in less than half cause she only barrel races which she is very good at. The remainder of events she volunteers teaching kids about horses, how to ride, feed, bathe, etc. Hannah is also currently employed taking care of adults with disabilities.
Hannah calls often to see if she can have lyllian for the night or the day and even the whole weekend. She has her own apartment and its a safe part of town so we let her go and stay there sometimes. They are best friends and have a lot of fun together. Hannah is neat, tidy, smart, respectful, honest and well structured. She is an amazing role model to say the least. Lyllians mom on the other hand lives with her mom(grandma). Shes in and out of jail and when she isnt shes hardly ever home. Grandma sends her off to school, gets her off the bus, feeds, bathes, helps with school work, etc. My work does not allow me to have lyllian full time yet. I have been working 4- 10hr shifts so I get as much time as possible with her. I am switching careers to accommodate being able to get her full time I'm working on that now its just not in affect yet. Grandma an amazing person also please dont think I am over looking her. Hannah has taken the role of teaching her those things that a dad just can't do. Learning and sharing those life experiences together makes them bond even more. Hannah goes above and beyond to help assist with her development. They read, practice spelling, all sorts of fun crafts, cook dinner together, do chores, get their nails done, etc. I live alone so I do cook, do dishes, read with her, but i refuse to go to a nail salon. Ive had my nails painted at home 500+ times with every color and style under the sun. Sparkles, stickers, jewels, lines, dots, hearts, diamonds, multi colored, glow in the dark, ive had them all. I own a small concrete company, im a woodsman, I like hunting, fishing, etc. Painted nails is not my thing but she enjoys it so all I say is, what ya gonna do this time? Hannah's boyfriend Kyle just turned 21, Jan 26th 2019. Hes in the army and is being deployed soon. Hannah has had his surprise b day party planned since November. Original start time was 10:30 am. She called everybody and rescheduled it for 3:30 pm a few days before the party cause lyllian didnt get out of school til 2:30 and she wanted lylli to b a part of it. Kyle likes and enjoys her company also and from what I heard they all shared an experience none of them will forget at that party.
Hannah is a god sent for me and I cant thank her enough for doing what she does and its out of pure love for my little girl. I am truly blessed to have Hannah in our lives and for her being such a positive influence in my daughters life. I would enjoy nothing more than if lyllian and I were given the opportunity to present Hannah this award. In my eyes she is a super human and she deserves some notoriety for what she does selflessly day in and day out.