The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Imani Summer

Nominated by Katie Houghton
September 09, 2018
Imani struggles significantly at times with her mental health yet she still continues to inspire and help others , me Included. She takes time to talk to others, she has been part of a project hanging letters of hope to a local bridge known for suicide, she blogs about issues that are difficult for her to speak about but that she does to raise awareness on very taboo topics, even though this has caused her some backlash regarding stigmatised attitudes in her local community and she also uses her creativity to create art to challenge perceptions on mental health in a way that makes it feel accessible to others. Her "SummerSHINES" Brand creates "shine from the shadows...of which she has experiences many.
She's awesome. She really deserves an awesome award as she really just does her very best in every way and still makes time for other people. If that's not awesome them i don't know what is.