The Awesome Awards - Nominations

John anthoney

Nominated by Margaret
November 14, 2016
My husband was diagnosed with cancer in January this year our son John from Blackpool who works hard every day who owns his own salon never moans cheers everone up helps everyone came to kilmarnock contacted gift of a wedding organised myself and hubbys wedding on May 6th johns dad was brave fought all the way John stayed with us looked after his dad done every wish for his dad .my husband wanted to die at home with the help of our son John being so strong stood by his dad's wish while he hid all his pain and tears every night our son sat with his dad talked and talked huged and cried sadly my husband passed away 20 days after our wedding our son was amazing supported us and hid his years and pain and loosing his dad .my hubby told our son call my name John I will be there don't worry be happy there is worse than me son .every day our son cries and shouts his dad were are you dad.John works with the public and hides his pain crys when alone he is amazing were our son got the strength as I was in bits with loosing my husband of 31 years but the boys have lost there dad heartbroken our son has just had an operation on his leg and still smiling and saying mum it's nothing in ok and going back to work he just so strong and he keeps saying mum don't worry be happy dad said call my name and he says he will wait on us all at pearly gates my husband was only 54 hard working man who was loved by all our son John was amazing love him so much as our son said mum I never thought I would ever have to bath dad or wipe his tears or comfort dad he best dad in the world my husband our son John and myself thankyou so much x