The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Joseph Villena

Nominated by Noah Villena
May 16, 2018
Have you ever thought of your parents as an awesome person? Well I have. Especially my dad, Mr. Joseph Villena. Joseph works at a hospital called Scripps. There, he helps fix computer problems. In the year 2018, Joseph helped teach other workers including doctors and nurses at Scripps Hospital how to fix their computers. In the beginning of May, 2018, he helped his work by going to another building to help in the emergency room. He might have helped with the computers in important problems! When my dad would get home from work, he would go on his computer to do stuff for work or for our school PTA at Jonas Salk Elementary, San Diego. In 2018, my dad worked on the school's Yearbook for a few weeks for the FIRST time! I have to say, he did a pretty good job! He also helps with all of our fun school events. I also think Joseph is awesome because he loves music. He knows how to play the ukulele and the drums. He plays some Polynesian instruments in a band called Te Ra Hati Nui. In that band, Joseph plays the Toere, Pahu, Faatete, and the Pahu tupai. He also plays drums in a band called the Crown Rootz. There, he plays music on a drum set. He's a pretty good drummer! I think my dad is unique and has cool talents. He can do many things! You might think Joseph is cool, but I think he is AWESOME and that is why he is the best candidate to receive the Most Awesome Award.