The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Karen Stroebel

Nominated by Hyuma Frankowski
February 23, 2014
Karen is a tireless youth sustainability educator and facilitator who has helped inspire and nurture a new generation of sustainability leaders within the ranks of British Columbia's high schools and university. She is a true leader whose profoundly influential work often goes unrecognized as she works to empower others and support their growth, rather than place herself in the limelight. Her work gives the youth of today a voice in government decisions that directly affect their schools and communities. 

Karen has been working in the sustainability education field for over six years and has now built a team around her to expand her company's capabilities in delivering workshops, planning conferences and fostering leadership talent within our communities. 

In addition to having a strong network of community change-makers that include organizations like Fresh Roots, DASH and the Healthy Living Youth Council to name a few, her current collaborators include former students who once volunteered in the various conferences she has helped organize over the years, and who have gone on to become community leaders in their own rights; a quiet testament to the depth and importance of her work.

Her achievements are on-going and are best measured in the success of those students who have attended her workshops and conferences. While working to empower our youth and helping to realize the vision of a better future for all, Karen Stroebel remains in the background. This is exactly why I feel that she is deserving of some long over-due recognition from the community she has served so well.

Her recently established website can be viewed at:

I sincerely hope you consider this nomination of a most worthy nominee.