The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Katie Ngo

Nominated by Katie Ngo
May 16, 2018
Ever think that something in your life is awesome? Well, I think I am awesome because when I was little I use to do weird things like when I got a pan off the stove my mom saw me do it she was worried and surprised. When I was 4 years old, I read without my mom helping me. I learned to read by myself because my mother was busy on things but I read everyday when I was little. When I grew older I was always interested in other books and diaries they interests me. Reason one, I am a hardworking person because I would work hard on things like tests, rewards. There would be tough things, but I tried to do it. When it was very hard, like I tried to solve a college problem but I got it wrong, but I did try. When I was still little, I would make my mom do math problems for me to solve. I would go outside and think and imagine things in the sky. When there was something I need to do I would put all my effort into it to make it neat for me to read it. Reason two, I am a special person because, I sometimes get mad, but I mean it in a nice way. Sometimes I forget what my mom says, but then the second time, I do it right. When I go out, I would wear a blanket, when its sunny. Everyday I will think of a different game, to play with my brother if he is bored. I would make up fun games, for my brother but he always, doesn’t understand that well. Reason 3, I am awesome, is that I could keep my eyes open, a long time. Also our family was part of my, dad’s workplace job. I can also read multiple books and I can remember them easily, but most of the time I write it down in my notes. I could learn new things quickly sometimes, My tongue could melt a cough drop quickly. I could make a V letter sticking all my finger together. Conclusion I think I should get a award, for all the amazeing things I did. Which were amazing in my life, they would make me very special. There would be things that I could do, and other things that I couldn’t do, which is why I think I am awesome.