The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Kerry Hazlewood

Nominated by Lauren Bradshaw
February 03, 2016
I nominate Kerry as she is beyond awesome, she is an inspirational woman who has helped me through the darkest times of my life and also through the great times. She has never gave up on me and has always encouraged me to keep going even when I have felt like giving up, Kerry is a beautiful woman inside and out and has an heart of gold. Not a lot of people within the world get told how much their loved and appreciated so I would like Kerry to know that she is loved and she means a lot to me and I greatly appreciate the help and support she has given me these last 3 years. If there was more people like Kerry in this world it would certainly be a better and brighter place! To me Kerry is not only my friend, she is like family to me as she always keeps me safe and looks after me when I am with her. Struggling with a mental illness is hard when a lot of people give up on you and you start to realise your not worth that much, however Kerry has always stuck by me, listened to my problems, made me smile, encouraged me to keep going and has supported me through some difficult times. I couldn't of asked for a better friend and from the bottom of my heart I'd like Kerry to know I care about her too and I am always here for her. Kerry deserves to be recognised as such an awesome person has I don't know anyone that would do the same as what she has done for me! Thank you Kerry :)