The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Kesha L. Hayes

Nominated by Tiara Ballard
December 21, 2016
I met Ms. Hayes when I enrolled in her nurse aide post secondary institution. My whole life changed when I enrolled in her class. I was a troubled individual, on alcohol and had lost my license due to DUI. She taught me so much on how to be professional and so much about life. She spoke positive affirmations into me and I saw myself literally changing. Now, I am a certified nursing assistant and working in a local nursing home. I am able to take care of my 2 kids and move further in the healthcare industry. I feel good about me and I feel good about what my future looks like. She is not just a teacher. She is a friend and she will feed you if you are hungry, house you if you are homeless and do whatever it takes to invest in you. After leaving her class, I have been watching her in the community and I believe she should be recognized as an awesome woman because she practices being great while helping others do the same. She works extremely hard to make sure that anyone she comes in contact with is impacted by her presence. I believe you all should know about her and the great works she has done. She owns her own post-secondary institution in Camden, SC teaching nurse aide classes and just added EKG and Phlebotomy. She not only teaches the skills to perform these tasks, but has incorporated a professional development curriculum that teaches her students about stability in the workplace and how soft skills matter. She supports caregivers as she invests in them. She created a 1st Annual Making a Difference in You Caregiver Gala where she honored them and their services as they hardly are recognized. Her passion is with our aging population...she calls them our "aging beauties." She developed a proclamation that was honored by Mayor Stephen Benjamin in Columbia, SC and Mayor Tony Scully (past Mayor) in Camden, SC making Senior Service Day, September 12th. This allows us to honor our elderly population on that day and show companionship as she has researched what happens when they don't receive the attention they deserve. Her work is exceptional and she is just beginning, but has already placed her mark as being great. Thank you for the opportunity to submit. If there is anything in the future that she can be a part of, please let me know. Please see her attached bio and a few links about her...