The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Krizti Caraway

Nominated by LuAnn Hayford
December 23, 2016
Krizti is a beautifully rare person. She is clothed in mercy, grace and unconditional love. She has spent her life pouring out to her community and a ministry called Salem Dream Center. There she shows the love of God to about 200 youth. Through this she has decided to become a foster mom and has spent the last couple years saving to buy a house. She wants this house to be a pillar of hope and restoration for youth. She had a hard upbringing and much heartbreak. She channeled that pain into making sure no other child near her would feel unloved or unworthy. She has unofficially adopted a group of 10 young men and she invests in their character, talents and passions. She has made it her mission to show them their worth and value. She attends all their soccer games, bringing cookies, or handwarmers. She fights for justice for them. She encourages them with school, motivating them and spending hours every night doing homework with them. She speaks life into them and to see the transformation of these young men is amazing. But what is even more beautiful is how they look at her. They look at her with honor and respect. They now know what they deserve and through her love for these young men, they now know what type of woman they are to pursue for a wife. They are becoming men of valor and integrity. She is the first person they call if they messed up. She has radically changed their life in the way she handles their failures. She takes them, looks them in the eye, and tells them how proud she is of them. How much they are worth, how amazing they are. They in shame often look away with their head down. She will then grab their chin and have them look at her and she will again restate how proud she is. Why, she says their failure does not change their worth. They are incredible and she will never be disappointed in them. She has shown a love to people that few have experienced before. She is always looking at the person, not the situation. She makes every person she encounter feel important and special. She really is incredible and deserves to be recognized.