The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Lindsay craig

Nominated by Leanne lindsay craig
December 29, 2014
This person is the most inspiring man ive ever met he would literally do anything for anyone. Hes my dad and he really deserves the whole world to know how great he is. I beleive he dosent get enough credit for how great he is so here i am trying to make sure one day that happens. He makes the world a better place when he is around he is loved by so many people. I remember this one time a lady in a wheelchair and she got turned away with the note she had to pay for her shopping and got told to go to the cash point and come back and my dad said wait ill pay , my heart just melts at things like that he would do literally anything for anyone and theres no better word than perfect for him. Hes served years in the army and been dedicated to work for all his life.