The Awesome Awards - Nominations


Nominated by Lauren
January 29, 2017
I am nominating the most inspirational woman I know. Not only is she my boss, she is my best friend, my Mum! She didn't have the most amazing start throughout her school life and by the time she was in high school she was still unable to read. She finally left high school with no qualification and begun her working life in a factory. But she wanted more. She worked long hours, sacrificing family time, and work hard throughout many different jobs. In 2009 Lou decided to persue a career in teaching. During this time she was diagnosed with dyslexia. In 2011 she had graduated and opened up a not for profit community interest company. It begun in a warehouse where she had a mechanical tutor teaching young people on job seekers allowance new skills, whilst she taught them employability skills. Lou has poured her life and soul into the business and now has 3 industrial units and teaches a huge range of young people that have failed in other educational establishments starting at 11 years old. She makes bespoke educational packages to ensure that all young people can succeed. She is in her final year of her masters degree in special educational needs and is changing young people's lives everyday. I am nominating Lou for an awesome award as she is the most inspirational woman I know and she spends her life trying to better those who need her help most, and because she truly is Awesome.