The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Margo Markey

Nominated by jacqueline markey
January 18, 2015
I nominate my sister inlaw Margo Markey she is a very inspiring person. her mum was diagnosed with frontal lobe dementia about 4 years ago and it was very hard for all the family to understand it as there was not much wrong with her memory but mostly her behavior and still to this day Margo has stood by her mum Mary markey through every good and bad days over the years . when her mum was put into a care of the elderly unit for 6 week assessment and ended up under a section and there for a year and a half Margo faught for 9 months with social work, community psychiatric nurses and psychiatric doctors 2 years ago to get her mum home and back into the community with support during the day and Margo supporting her mum at night she won and got her mum back home to where she still is today. Margo is so generouse, helpfull and always there for others whenever we need her this is the reason why i admire margo as a person and no matter what life throws at her she still gets up and on with life and sees the good in people as know one knows what a persons life is like until you walk in there shoes this is why i think margo is awesome. She is very passionate in supporting demtia and has my upmoast respect for what she does for her Mum.